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general CivilThe Asphalt Production operations are carried out on site in Madras Settlement, Chin Chin, which is situated approximately a mile from Piarco International Airport. It is equipped with a Barber Greene Asphalt Plants with rated capacity of more than two thousand five hundred (2,500) tonnes of asphalt per day. The Company is perhaps the most experienced contractor in the Republic with the plant, equipment, expertise and experience necessary to utilize Blended Trinidad Lake Asphalt in mixtures for high specification flexible pavement surfacing. Our onsite storage capacity exceeds fifty thousand imperial gallons of bitumen or Lake Asphalt binder. We were the first to use blended Lake Asphalt on Trinidad and Tobago roads and we continue to be a major user and supplier of the product. Our unrivalled reputation for quality and promptness in our road-paving division has earned us the position of industry leaders here in Trinidad.

One of our trademark achievements in paving is the surfacing of one of Trinidad’s most used highways, the Uriah Butler Highway. The quality of work withstood almost 22 years of continuous traffic without any sign of failing and until today, continues to stand as testimony of Coosal’s passion for quality that lasts.

general-civil2The Civil Engineering Division operates at the COOSAL'S Madras Complex. It has an experienced workforce most of whom were employed in carrying out the earthworks, sub-base, base and the Lake Asphalt pavement on the Uriah Butler Highway, and on repairing and surfacing of the 10 South Taxiway at Piarco International Airport. The Division is equipped, and has the experience, to handle a wide range of other civil engineering works, but its focus has been mainly on site clearance, earthworks and other infrastructural works, road works, asphalt surfacing, pre-cast and in-situ reinforced concrete construction, drainage and duct work and road markings.

The extremely high levels of combined industry experience employed by staff members allow us to complete all undertakings within or even before stipulated deadline dates and meeting all dictated quality standards and codes.

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